The Art of Fulfillment

Writing this blog has shaped my perspective on life, death, and what it means to live with purpose in an uncertain world. As we transition to this new year, I am happy to announce that I have edited my best articles into an eBook.

My new ebook is available here: The Art of Fulfillment

In a world flooded with opportunity, many of us are drowning in a sense of uncertainty. Breaking from the chains of tradition, we are free to creatively pursue a multitude of lifestyles. Though, when faced with a number of possible routes we are often paralyzed by indecision, locked in analysis paralysis, trying to gain a sense of certainty before deciding to walk down a specific path.

We are told to “find a passion,” but don’t know where to look. Self-help books and vision-boards often keep us looking inward as we try to uncover our life’s purpose. This book reveals how popular wisdom can actually lead us further astray, showing how passion is built through engagement with the world by accepting uncertainty.

By probing into the meaning of passion and life-purpose, this book guides readers toward understanding how to construct a meaningful professional-life, illustrating the stories of those who have persevered amidst the extreme uncertainty of war.

If you like the book, it would mean a lot if you rate it and comment on amazon.

If you don’t have a kindle reader, click here to get a free reader for your laptop of tablet, in order to access the book.

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  1. I don’t think I could leave a comment on Amazon without being a member or something. But I wanted to let you know that I thought it was a very well written and thought provoking book. I have been looking for my passion everywhere but it makes sense now as to why it has been so difficult to locate. Good luck with it.

  2. Can’t post my review on Amazon as it was a free download and I’m not a customer … so will post it here. Enjoyed, hope it goes well!

    The author uses his own self-exploration and connection with war veterans seasoned with sociology to suggest that we step off the hedonic treadmill and fully engage with our work and relations in order to find our own life-purpose. He reminds us that building something of significance is not easy, that we need to strive and persevere as ‘happiness’ doesn’t comes from the consumer culture or unregulated desires. His insights particularly into war veteran’s issues makes this a must read concluding that ‘service’ brings a sense of contribution.

    Kate Blake – B Soc Admin, B Soc Sc, Dip SW

      1. Yes, as the site said one must be a paying customer … Remember this was my first visit to amazon so have never purchased books before.

        Did write a more comprehensive review/summary for my own friends. Your chapter on vets raised very valid comments but as a professional working with them for years it’s more than that. We damage them in training and that’s cemented by killing. I believe that disturbs their psychi but the danger and comraderie are indeed sorely missed.

        You made me think and inspired me, thank you for that!

  3. Hi Steve, like your perspective and would love to have a free copy … But I’m not tech savvy, how do I do that? This particular subject is close to my heart, so happy to comment once I navigate the download.

  4. Thanks for your heartfelt comment in my blog. and you’re got an amazing blog here too look forward to reading more your awesome piece and good luck on your eBook this year.
    much love,

  5. Steve, your perspective has always struck me as standout. I downloaded the book and will be reading it shortly. Commentary will follow.

  6. You were the first to follow my ‘baby’ blog, and I followed you instantly, because of our mutual interest in Sociology. I have been a fan ever since. And these lines are beautifully intellectual and philosophically romantic at the same time. Would love to read it. 🙂

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