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    We like to speak and share our thoughts, but one of the qualities of a great leader is listening capabilities. Here are some awesome techniques for doing just that. Listening well is one of the technologies that help us cooperate as well as stand out in a crowd.

  2. Great product, I liked the graphics, picture, drawing and use of text. I liked the content, phrasing and word use. I liked the crisp style. You conveyed your message in a fun, clear, concise manner. Not that you need a review, I just enjoyed your product.

  3. The listening in order to reply is what I run across most. It makes me think I’m speaking Martian sometimes. The responses that ignore everything but the one thing that is heard are nonsense.

    1. Exactly. I feel this often happens in academic presentations as well. Question periods often seem to reflect the ideas of the audience more than engaging with the presentation itself.

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